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Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 3A8

Kellam Berg Engineering & Surveys Ltd.

Kellam Berg Engineering & Surveys Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that provides Planning, Engineering and Legal Survey services.

Services provided by our team start with planning services for the development and procurement of the necessary planning approvals and continue through the design and construction approval process, to construction implementation. The firm provides land development expertise for the development of single family residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions, and for site development for multi-family, industrial, institutional, office, mixed use and commercial projects, in suburban areas as well as in the inner City.

Kellam Berg Engineering and Surveys Ltd. currently employs over thirty people dedicated to the provision of consulting services to the land development and construction industry. These services include feasibility studies, planning and approval procurement, design, tendering, contract administration, project management and construction survey and inspection, as well as legal survey services.

Kellam Berg Engineering and Surveys Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Edmonton-based firm, Al-Terra Engineering. While we collaborate with Al-Terra on many projects, we work independently with our clients, a variety of engineering firms and architects, to deliver design excellence.

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Planning Services

  • Outline Plans and Land Use Re-designation
  • Development Permit Applications
  • Direct Control By-Laws
  • Stripping and Grading Applications
  • Due-Diligence Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design Services

  • Site and Topographical Survey
  • Storm Water Management Services
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Development and Site Servicing Plans (DSSP)
  • Engineering Design for Public Infrastructure
  • Engineering Field Services- On Site Civil Works and Building Layout
  • Engineering Field Services for Public Infrastructure and Project Management Services

Legal Survey Services

  • Subdivision Surveys and Plans
  • Development Permit Surveys and Applications
  • Condominium Plan
  • Strata Subdivision Plan
  • Real Property Report
  • Legal Survey Administration
Kellam Berg has completed a number of projects in the following areas: Planning, Engineering and Surveying
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