5800 - 1A Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0G1

Great Plains Industrial Phase 1, 2, and 3

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Role: Civil Engineering Consultants

Great Plains Industrial Park is located in the southeast area of Calgary. This 160 acer’s development was located south of 68th Ave SE and west of 68th street SE. This project for this quarter section is been ongoing for numerous years.

Kellam Berg was the civil Engineering Consultant on this project from beginning to end. Our involvements started in the planning stage were we handled the Outline Plan and Land Use Re-designation, Subdivision Plans, Stripping and Grading Application, coordinated Wetland application approval.

We designed all the Public Infrastructure including roads and underground utilities. This project included the design and construction of large Sanitary and Storm trunks. Kellam Berg played a role in the construction finance agreement negotiation with the City of Calgary. We managed the construction and worked through the CCC and FAC process for the development.

Furthermore, once the offsite infrastructure was in place, we proceeded with the onsite development of all the lots by completing the Engineering Design and Field Services for the buildings.