5800 - 1A Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0G1


Location: Honduras

When you are good at what you do – you get noticed. Award winning architect, Dan Jenkins, noticed and hired Kellam Berg Engineering & Surveys to help him execute an environmentally focused property in the jungles of Honduras Bay Islands and we did just that.

Located in Roatan’s Oceano Village, it offers cost-effective white sand beachfront homes providing access to the Caribbean. Designed for sustainability and style, the homes in this new village are being built from natural, lasting materials like renewable tropical hardwood and local limestone. A unique aspect of this project is that it is entirely eco-friendly. It was designed with its own environmental management plan that implements a “closed system” to arrive at a net-zero energy use community by effectively utilizing the three main components of energy, water and waste. In creating the development, no non-renewable resources were taken from nature or given back in the form of pollution.