5800 - 1A Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0G1


Job Well Done

Being the corner lot, survey crews come to find the pins for every lot survey on the block. With your help (in the past) I’ve tried to make it as easy for the survey crews as possible and prevent them from digging holes all over my yard.

This year’s adventure began with a block resident getting enough support to get the alley paved. ALSA Construction had the City contract to pave the alley. They were careful not to hit the pins during the digging phase. However, after the first lift of asphalt was laid the pins had been buried.

July 12, I discovered Robert Cameron of Kellam Berg in the alley looking for the pins. With the aid of my photos, he jackhammered out the asphalt and we discovered the pins had been flattened at about 90 degrees out from the length of the alley. He removed the pins and said he would come back to replace them.

True to his word, Sep 15, he was back to replace the reference pins on both sides of the alley. Just one day after I caught a survey crew digging a hole on my grass on the inside of the block I used to mark the approximate location of the pin.

Thanks to your Association of Land Surveyors and to Robert Cameron in particular. You can tell him I said thanks! Robert

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